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For us, the most important successes are those of our customers. Here they have their say. With very individual success stories. The focus is not just on the results, but above all on the people who made them possible – the managers who manage the processes together with us, and the employees who support all the changes.

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Service Header

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services

Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS), a fully-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik, is one of the leading suppliers of logistics solutions for the aviation industry. The greatest cost factor here is time. With global growth propelling LTLS forward, by 2012 the moment had come for them to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their processes.

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Aerzener Maschinenfabrik Header

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik

For 150 years, Aerzen has been producing equipment for compressing gases. And for decades, this machinery has been used around the world in blowers, to provide aeration at wastewater treatment plants, and for processing drinking water on cruise ships.

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The first heart transplant was performed in 1967. The company that manufactured the operating table? Maquet. Nearly 50 years after this ground-breaking procedure, this subsidiary of the Getinge Group from Sweden underwent an operation of its own – under the guidance of Staufen.

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Oskar Frech

In Schorndorf, a suburb of Stuttgart, Germany, one of the typical “hidden champions” of the German industry has its headquarters: Oskar Frech GmbH. This family-owned business with 850 employees is one of the world’s leading suppliers of die-casting technologies. Their hot-chamber and cold-chamber machines are in high demand – both in the automotive industry and in the manufacturing sector. The mid-sized company had been too set in its ways, and dissatisfaction with existing processes was growing greater. So in 2016, Frech decided to hit the reset button.

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MTU Aero Engines

As a manufacturer of engines, MTU Aero Engines is part of a global industry – and despite its international activity, it still feels very much at home in Germany. To be prepared to hold its own against international competitors in the future, the company felt a growing pressure to review its in-house processes.

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From Ransbach-Baumbach northeast of Koblenz out into the world: Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH delivers around 80 percent of its production abroad. What makes the pumps from this family business so unique: They are made entirely of plastic instead of metal as usual. This makes it possible, for example, to transport chemically contaminated liquids that would otherwise damage metal pumps.

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Our services


Leadership, Organizational & Personnel Development

All of the services we offer have a clear objective: we enable managers and employees to successfully implement a sustainable culture of change at their company, which allows them to achieve peak performance. For this to happen, it is important to start at the very top. Every successful transformation involves jointly developing process-related and leadership competence as well as holistic approaches to thinking and acting. Our consultants work with you to make sure that your operating results and cashflow undergo changes for the better on a long-term basis.

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Digitalisierung und I4.0

Digitalization & Industry 4.0

Intelligent Industry 4.0 production processes can be applied to accomplish a variety of objectives. These include achieving greater productivity and efficiency, fulfilling consumer specifications faster and more expediently, and developing brand-new industrial products and business models. Small and mid-sized companies often have a particular need for this kind of consulting and guidance.

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Performance Improvement & Strategy execution

Companies face special challenges when confronted with crisis situations such as an upcoming restructuring or reorganization. These phases are often defined by stressful in-house discussions about the potential causes of the crisis, a lack of clarity about the necessary countermeasures, insecurity about future perspectives, and critical conversations with banks and investors about further economic development and financing. In times such as these, expedient and rapid decisions and consistent actions are needed. Within the shortest time possible, our consultants provide comprehensive transparency by performing a technically solid and objective assessment of your baseline situation.

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Supply Chain Network Management

The network of parties involved in the value creation process is becoming increasingly complex – especially due to the globalization of sales markets, production sites and procurement markets. Those who best master this complex value network and professionally manage the “customer-to-customer process,” i.e., make the goods available efficiently at the right time and in the right place, have a significant competitive edge.

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Operation Management

Operational Excellence

There is hardly any other corporate function in which employees can be taught the role of added value and waste as practically and quickly as in production. Optimization is used as the basis for helping Lean philosophy permeate the entire production process, and from there it affects the whole company.

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