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How do I deal with conflicting demands on leadership? 

The short answer is that there can be no general answer to this question as it is necessary to balance interests in order to resolve conflicting requirements. For situations that are not so extreme, this consideration depends on too many parameters and no general formula can be applied to all situations. There is no static pattern for leadership behavior – which is what makes successful leadership so difficult to learn. It is much more important to face contradictions and accept them, otherwise any attempt to resolve them is doomed to fail.

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Strategy white paper: A plan even for times when planning is unpredictable

Supply chains under severe strain and exploding energy costs are putting many entrepreneurial plans to the test. Nonetheless, professional strategy development and implementation are more critical than ever. You can only chart the right course in stormy times if you have defined clear goals, carefully analyzed options, and consistently involved your employees. The new Staufen white paper “Strategy Excellence” reveals how to achieve this and which mistakes you need to avoid.

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Forbes Award 2022

Consulting Awards: Staufen AG named leading management consultancy by “Forbes” and “Handelsblatt” / Excellent reputation in industry and automotive sector

Double honor for Staufen AG: Both US business magazine “Forbes” and Germany’s leading business newspaper “Handelsblatt” named the management consultancy one of the leading consulting firms in their recently presented…

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5 key challenges of an insufficiently digital supply chain 

Many companies strive for greater digitization in supply chain management to make logistics and delivery processes more efficient and robust. However, collecting large amounts of data is not enough anymore. The data and processes are too complex. “Smart applications” are therefore needed to reliably forecast sales and demand, optimize procurement processes and inventories, and reliably plan production. 

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Social Networks

Weconomy winner Blackpin GmbH: “Our messaging tool picks up where tools like WhatsApp and Teams are no longer useful.”

It takes a lot of courage and absolute conviction of the potential of an idea to introduce a messaging tool that can take on top dogs like WhatsApp, Teams or Slack. For Sandra Jörg, it took both when she founded a startup in collaboration with a team of experts: the Weconomy winner Blackpin.

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Being one step ahead of the next crisis: Setting up supply chains to be failsafe globally / Staufen is strengthening its foothold in the USA 

In the wake of the global crises, even serious voices are now questioning globalization. Yet fragile supply chains and unstable markets, in general, should not curtail global economic interdependencies. Quite the opposite: Companies seeking a multinational supply chain can successfully protect themselves against outside impacts. This is why the Staufen business consultancy focuses specifically on regionally anchored experts that maintain an international perspective.

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Your way to top performance

STAUFEN academy program 2023

In the coming year, the Staufen Academy will continue to accompany you on your way to top performance by offering first-class qualification programs – true to the motto GROW, PERFORM, TRANSFORM. 

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Our customer projects – success made to measure

Frech Factory
Success Story

“Our goal is not to spend a cent more on electricity in the future.”

As a supplier of die casting technologies, Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG operates in an energy-intensive environment. Thanks to efficiency improvements and sustainable planning, the hidden champion was able to drastically reduce its energy consumption. Managing Director Dr. Tim Nikolaou explains in an interview how the transformation succeeded and what role lean management plays in the green transformation.

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Success Story

 The future of supply chains

Ole Trumpfheller from DB Schenker is convinced: customers and service-providers must adopt a collaborative approach to guarantee a secure and scheduled movement of goods in the future.

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Success Story

Strategy development at ERNST Umformtechnik

The transformation of the automotive industry is also impacting producers such as ERNST Umformtechnik GmbH. Managing Directors Matthias Ernst and Herbert Gieringer explain why they turned to Staufen AG for support in further developing the company’s strategy. 

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