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Best Practice Day

JUNE 25–26, 2024 | Darmstadt

After a great post-pandemic success in 2023, the leading Lean Management Congress in D-ACH – our annual highlight – is entering its 11th year of success. We are right in the middle of one of the biggest transformation processes in economic history, juggling its challenges as well as opportunities. How do we keep our entrepreneurial balance in these times? Here, you’ll find the answers. Note: The event takes place in German.



A very special networking format with renowned guest speakers. Facing the motto “Driving the Future – New Paths, New Opportunities”, politicians, business experts, success makers and innovators from the top-management of Mercedes-Benz, SAP, SEW-EURODRIVE and many more reflect with 50 invited guests on trend-setting answers for the future viability of our factories, supply chains and management structures. The exclusive participant circle enables discussions on current industry topics in a spirit of partnership and to deepen conversations during an informal evening closing. One highlight is the VIP visit at SEW-EURODRIVE engine plant in Graben-Neudorf. Here, future visions become reality: established lean principles and I4.0 innovation merge into a completely new form of collaboration between people, machines, and products.

Event language: German. Invited guests only.


October 2024 | VIRTUAL SESSION

STAUFEN. regularly invites its Best Practice Partner Circle for network exchanges. In the spirit of learning from each other, a wide variety of formats offer our partner companies the opportunity to discuss current hot topics in an exclusive circle and to try out approaches to solutions. In a 2-hour online session, this time, we focus on the effective orchestration of digital systems and platforms from an enterprise architecture perspective (Middleware).

Invited guests only


A group of people walking through a factory

People are not in perpetual motion. They require a continuous supply of energy.

AGCO GmbH gives BestPractice Partner Circle exclusive insights into their innovative manufacturing. Learn how digital solutions drive continuous improvement. A must for business leaders and innovation enthusiasts.

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Staufen AG Executive Event, Panel Discussion

Staufen C-Day 2023: Opportunity in change 

At the end of September, Staufen AG’s C-Day offered around 50 decision-makers from the industry a newly created information and communication platform. The Executive Conference in Bad Teinach, Germany, focused on one of the most pressing questions of our time: How will we produce in the future?  

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Future Plants

“With everything you do, check whether it is fit for future generations.”

Digitalization, decarbonization, Corona pandemic – companies are currently facing some of the greatest challenges in recent economic history. People are no longer asking whether a fundamental transformation is necessary; the question is rather how quickly and sustainably the changes to suit the ever-changing requirements of the transformation can be made.

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Food Club

Baker, baker, bake me a cake. With lean in the recipe.

Fair trade, bio, green food, meat substitutes, zero waste: Consumers’ demand for higher product quality is on the rise. The 5th Food Club in Cologne provided honest discussion in the food industry. 32 participants took the opportunity for 1.5 days to make new contacts and discuss current developments and future-oriented solutions for the industry.

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Digital Optimism – Knight’s Hall Roundtable at Köngen Castle 2022

Staufen AG regularly invites guests to an atmospheric evening with renowned guest speakers to discuss current business topics in a small, exclusive circle of participants and to deepen conversations during a joint Speakers Dinner.

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BMW BPP Circle

BMW: about experiences, stumbling blocks and proven solutions

Face was shown at BMW. This is to be understood in the literal sense, due to the removal of restrictions and the associated obligation to wear a mask. But it also stands for the transparency with which the participants of the BestPractice Partner Circle Meeting at BMW in Landshut – company leaders and designers – communicated their current corporate challenges and represented their values.

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Management Dialog

Time to take a “green” view of the future

In the evening of the 14th July everything in Schloss Köngen was set to “green”: the STAUFEN MANAGEMENT DIALOG, this time the industry meeting for mechanical and plant engineering focused on the strategic integration of sustainability as an opportunity to increase future viability and competitiveness.

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Right in the middle instead of just on the sidelines. 

The best proof of the effectiveness of Lean Management are the companies that have successfully implemented lean and are continuously developing it. Getting a look at and exchanging ideas with the best in the industry is one of the most sustainable ways to kick-start your own improvement process or revitalize it with fresh ideas.  

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ifm BestPractice Partner Circle: Lean, digitalization & sustainability triad

Digital transformation is the future. Getting there remains a major challenge for many companies. There is a lack of experience and no standard solution. Why should all companies go it alone? Why not go hand in hand?

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Management Dialog: Experts discuss the future of supply chain networks

Never stop making your supply chains more resilient! That was the urgent appeal on March 22 at the Staufen AG Management Dialog.

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More about Staufen

Consulting Approach

Our particular strength lies in actively providing support on site. We don’t just sit back and watch, we lend a hand. After all, many of our consultants have long held management positions in industry. We work closely with you to implement lean methods, track down waste, increase your productivity and improve the quality of your products. And we place our focus on every division and department, from the shop floor to the executive floor.

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About us

Improvement never stops. This applies not only to companies facing problems, but also to organizations that are already excellently positioned. Because even a top market leader still has the potential for further improvements. Those who strive for success must be willing to undergo change. Not just once a year, but daily. Not just at one point, but everywhere. 

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Client portfolio

Even after the successful completion of the project, we have remained in close contact with many of them.

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