Global supply chains are currently being massively disrupted by ongoing pandemic challenges and the war in Ukraine. 

Global supply chains have come under extreme pressure over the past two years. The ongoing Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine are exacerbating existing tensions in supply chains. Congested border crossings, blocked routes, and shortages of energy and raw materials increase complexity and cost structures. Business interruptions due to a partial lack of skilled workers and Covid-related sick leave impair economic success. The current forecasts do not indicate any improvement in the near future. 

Supply bottlenecks are currently a problem for a total of 77% of companies in the SME sector 

Possible effects are, for example, increased delivery times, material shortages or sustained price increases. 

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Canan Jungel


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Globale Lieferketten werden aktuell durch anhaltende Pandemieherausforderungen und den Krieg in der Ukraine massiv gestört. 

Die globalen Lieferketten sind in den letzten zwei Jahren unter extremen Druck geraten. Die anhaltende Corona Pandemie und der Angriffskrieg auf die Ukraine verschärfen die bestehenden Spannungen in den Lieferketten. Überlastete Grenzübergänge, blockierte Routen sowie Energie- und Rohstoffknappheit erhöhen die Komplexität und die Kostenstrukturen. Betriebsunterbrechungen durch teilweise fehlende Fachkräfte und Covid bedingten Krankheitsausfälle beeinträchtigen den wirtschaftlichen Erfolg. Die aktuellen Prognosen lassen keine baldige Besserung erwarten. 

Lieferengpässe sind derzeit für insgesamt 77% der Unternehmen im Mittelstand ein Problem.

Mögliche Auswirkungen sind z. B. erhöhte Lieferzeiten, Materialknappheit oder anhaltende Preissteigerungen. 

Head of Supply Chain Network Management

Canan Jungel


Phone: +49 7024 8056 0


STAUFEN supports the stabilization of supply chains  

The main task and central goal of supply chain network management: to make the entire network and the cooperation between the individual network partners more responsive, robust and efficient and thus improve the performance of the network.  


  • Disrupted value streams and supply chains
  • Lack of transparency in supply chains and data
  • Inefficient production and material flow
  • Increasing transport-, material costs & stocks
  • Poor collaboration within the network


  • Clear value streams and supply chain networks
  • Full transparency with enriched data
  • Increased productivity with clear material flows
  • Optimized cost structure and stock level
  • Increased and connected collaboration

Stabilizing the network requires cross-functional work in four dimensions 

To meet these requirements, supply chain network management focuses on four key dimensions: operating model, network design, information system, and planning & control. 

1. Operating Model
A supply chain network must be managed, controlled and strategically developed across the board.  

2. Network Design
deals with the configuration of all the different players along the value chain – end-to-end. 

3. Information System & Management
The IT systems as business enablers ensure efficiency and transparency in the network while managing digitized processes, digital networking, and business intelligence. 

4. Planning & Control
has the task of supporting all components in the network with the appropriate planning processes and establishing effective controlling. 

1. Create transparency of supplier/customer/logistics and component data 
2. Establish a task force for missing and critical parts 
3. Optimize the warehouse and safety stock  
4. Optimize sales, operating & planning/forecast figures 
5. Start possible relocations/build alternative sourcing & solutions 
6. Maintain and build supplier relationships 
7. Place binding orders 
8. Analyze the global footprint (supplier, production, customer) 
9. Rethink the make-or-buy strategy 
10. Monitor supplier risks 

10 immediate measures to increase network performance 

YOUR EXPERTS FOR Supply Chain Network Management

We are happy to support you in optimizing supply chain processes, structures or networks by addressing them in a holistic manner. Our international network of companies in Europe, Asia and America allows us to flexibly and quickly implement customer and market-specific tasks on a global scale.  

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