Innovation meets cost efficiency:

Thanks to operational excellence, the products of RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH already meet future EU requirements.

The project in summary

Initial situation:

The fertilizer spreaders from RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik not only have to meet EU requirements. They also have to stay within a farmer’s budget.


Improved team communication accelerates R&D processes, while global sourcing and component simplification reduce manufacturing costs.


RAUCH machines meet the new EU requirements with the highest precision and at the same time offer farmers innovative solutions with high efficiency.

Initial situation:

Targeted dosing at fair prices

The EU has set ambitious targets for fertilizer use by 2030. This requires modern technology that can accurately apply fertilizer. That is why RAUCH has developed the AERO 32.1 boom-type spreader. Thanks to a new type of distance control between the spreader and the ground, fertilizer is not only applied precisely in accordance with EU regulations, but the targeted application also reduces fertilizer costs for farmers.However, these machines are an investment for farmers – any savings in production costs and therefore market price is welcome. In addition to the technical challenges, RAUCH also had to manage manufacturing costs.


Refocused project management

At RAUCH, Staufen introduced a new form of project-oriented R&D organization with one-week block project phases. This improved team communication and accelerated the development of new, cost-effective solutions. For example, the introduction of global sourcing has resulted in substantial cost reductions and increased component availability. In addition, the design has been standardized and simplified, for example by using uniform components instead of left- and right-hand versions. The purchase of ready-to-install modules from new suppliers reduced procurement complexity, supported by intensive supplier management.

By applying the cost reduction techniques suggested by Staufen, we were able to drastically reduce the manufacturing costs of our machine while maintaining quality requirements.

Volker Stöcklin
Managing Director Technology, RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Cost efficiency through accelerated development work

Agricultural machinery manufacturer RAUCH meets new EU requirements with innovation and cost efficiency. The newly developed AERO 32.1 Fertilizer Spreader enables precise and effective fertilizing. By switching to global sourcing and simplifying components, RAUCH was able to significantly reduce costs. This success, which will benefit future designs, was made possible by the block project phases introduced by Staufen. The new organizational structure improved internal communication and accelerated development work, resulting in both a rapid time to market and marketable price.

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