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Guido Gratza

Guido Gratza is a graduate engineer in computer sciences and has a degree in human resources development (M.A.). He is a trained systemic consultant and coach and and is employed at Staufen AG as consultant and trainer. He spent more than a decade at Mercedes-Benz AG (Car Group), where he oversaw Lean Management Deployment and training for experts and managers and was jointly responsible for the successful establishment of Lean Management In-house Consulting. Most recently, he directed the Lean Management Training Center before joining Staufen AG as Head of Human Resources & Operations Service.

Initially, Guido Gratza was responsible for setting up the HR division of the consulting company focusing on recruiting, administration, feedback culture, potential assessment, and human resources development. Today, he supports clients from a broad range of industries worldwide as a Lean Management coach and executive leader trainer, where he effectively contributes his expertise in human resources development and Lean Management.

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