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May 14, 2024

Study: The industry is expecting a significant boost in productivity with AI and the like / Digitalization enables rational, data-supported decision-making

According to the latest “Performance Drivers 2024” study, eight out of ten industrial companies expect that integrating new technologies such as artificial intelligence will ensure a boost in productivity in their organizations. Huge potential is seen in data analysis in particular, which they feel can help them quickly identify shortcomings and achieve improvements in performance. For the study, the Staufen management consultant firm surveyed more than 200 industrial organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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April 22, 2024 News Germany

Performance Driver 2024″ Study: The industry sees process optimization as the largest lever for improvements / Still plenty of potential in production and sales 

Köngen, April 16, 2024 – The latest “Performance Drivers 2024” study shows that a more efficient process design is currently at the top of the industry’s agenda. This is where a good three quarters of organizations see the greatest levers of improvement in their performance. Accordingly, there is still plenty of potential to improve performance, particularly in the areas of production and sales. For the study, the Staufen management consultant firm surveyed more than 200 industrial organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

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March 27, 2024 News Germany

Learning Management System: New Staufen platform receives eLearning AWARD 2024

Staufen AG, in collaboration with the eLearning provider Fischer, Knoblauch & Co., has developed a Learning Management System (LMS) that offers an innovative feature. What is unique about the platform is that external Staufen Academy clients can access all content via an open access. The jury of the renowned eLearning Journal was also very impressed by the innovative concept and recognized the project with the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the LMS category.

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March 18, 2024 News Germany

Best Management Consultants 2024: Staufen AG wins in the automotive, industrial goods and aviation industries / awarded leading Operational Excellence consultancy in a total of 14 categories

Staufen AG is among the best management consultants in Germany for the eleventh time in a row. The operational excellence experts came in as a top contender in three industries in the highly regarded rankings by brand eins and Statista. And even in the Operations Management field of consultancy, the consulting firm secured the top position as well. Both clients and experts alike praise the company’s implementation strength and its approach to consulting, which focuses on holistic measures to improve performance.

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Digitalisierung Mann mit Daten in der Hand
January 9, 2024 News Germany, News Switzerland

“Digitalization 2024” Study: A superficial data analysis causes many companies to fly blind strategically 

Six out of ten industrial companies in the German-speaking region admit that the analysis of their data is only scratching the surface at best, according to the alarming results of the latest “Digitalization 2024” study. Yet, as if that were not enough: Because, even they are often unfamiliar with the significance and context of much of the data, many companies do derive parts of their strategies from it.

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