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October 15, 2021 News Germany

Study: 61% of German automotive companies link their future viability directly to the green transformation / but not even half of the industry has a functional strategy thus far

For six in ten German automotive companies, it’s clear: Without quick conversion to CO2-neutral production, they will not be able to assert themselves on the market in the future. As the current study “Green Transformation in the Automobile Industry” shows, 87% of the companies have not yet exploited even their rudimentary ecological potential. Thus far,…

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September 23, 2021 Global news, News Germany

“Collaboration – The key to success” study: Every second meeting ends with no results or is superfluous / Only one in three companies successfully implements digital process management

In connection with the Corona pandemic, people like to talk about an increase in digitization among companies. But managers and employees still suffer from a flood of emails and inconclusive and superfluous meetings. This can be remedied by digital process management, which prepares information clearly and transparently and brings it to where it is needed….

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August 26, 2021 Global news, News Germany

Survey: mid-sized industry the sector with the most experienced crisis managers / Data-driven approaches and scenario mindset still under-utilized

The German mid-sized sector benefiting from storm-proof managers in challenging times. Four out of ten companies possess real crisis expertise, and an additional three out of ten attest to a satisfactory routine. According to the current “Restructuring 2021” study, half of the companies still only have a short-sighted perspective and do not follow any structured…

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June 22, 2021 News Germany

“Collaboration – The key to success” study: Companies give their managers a poor report card/Significant need to improve analytical and communication skills

Köngen, June 29, 2021 – During the Corona pandemic, past collaboration failures began to catch up to many companies. Managers, in particular, need to step up their game when it comes to developing skills. For example, the majority of management in only one in two companies is said to possess communication skills. And things are not much better when it comes to analytical skills. In addition, 54 percent of managers find it difficult to deal with their own mistakes. For the study “Collaboration – The key to success”, management consultancy Staufen together with the experts from Staufen.Valuestreamer surveyed more than 300 companies in Germany.

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June 14, 2021

Study: SMEs are prepared for the upswing/One in two companies has adapted its own strategy for the post-Corona period

Köngen, June 17, 2021 – The German SME sector has been able to fend off the upheavals from the Corona pandemic. According to the current study “Restructuring 2021,” only a minority of companies see themselves in an phase of existential crisis; one in four companies has already left the crisis behind. Marking a noticeable change in strategy, 47 percent have repositioned themselves for the post-Corona era. For the survey, management consultancy Staufen interviewed more than 200 owners and top executives of companies with annual sales of at least 20 million euros.

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May 5, 2021 Global news, News Germany

Study: In only one in five companies is collaboration anywhere near where it was before the Corona crisis/Lack of collaboration is already causing efficiency, cost and quality problems

Köngen, 06 May 2021 – In only one in five companies is collaboration anywhere near where it was before the Corona crisis/Lack of collaboration is already causing efficiency, cost and quality problems. Corona continues to test companies and their employees. According to the current study “Collaboration as the key to success,” only 22 percent of companies currently manage to maintain collaboration at pre-crisis levels. This stressful situation directly impacts companies’ key performance indicators. For example, poor collaboration noticeably reduces efficiency in 72 percent of companies. For the study, business consultancy Staufen, together with the Shop Floor Management experts from Staufen.ValueStreamer surveyed more than 300 companies in Germany.

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April 30, 2021 News Germany

Consistent peak performance: Feig Electronic GmbH and Insta GmbH have once again been certified as BestPractice Partners in 2021

Our BestPractice partners are market leaders, technology leaders and hidden champions. They represent companies that have already successfully introduced Lean Management and are constantly developing it further. By holistically integrating lean mechanisms, these companies are considered pioneers in terms of value creation. Our customers can experience BestPractice live with our partners during visits and seminars. Our partners, on the other hand, benefit from deriving their own new solutions for their lean transformation.

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April 7, 2021 Global news, News Germany

Restructuring after Corona: Taking a look at the performance of leaders/Avoiding falling back into old patterns of thought

Köngen – There will be no back to “business as usual” after Corona, not even with regard to the topic of leadership. For it became clear in the crisis which leadership concepts companies need in order to react so that they are fit for transformations and changes. As a current market study by the consulting company Staufen shows, however, it is proving difficult for many companies to make insights gained in the pandemic into the “new normal.”

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