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May 12, 2022 News Germany

Only one in four mechanical and plant engineering companies selects its suppliers according to ecological criteria/Green potential in the supply chain still often untapped – Study

According to the current study “Green Transformation in Mechanical and Plant Engineering,” sustainability criteria have so far only played a minor role in supplier selection in the industry. Although the supply chain offers numerous starting points for green transformation in mechanical engineering, these are yet to be optimally utilized. In order to achieve the self-imposed climate targets, closer integration between manufacturers and suppliers is necessary. For the study, business consultancy Staufen surveyed more than 150 companies from the German mechanical and plant engineering sector.

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March 17, 2022 News Germany

New training: Become an agile leader in 24 months

Much of what has been occupying us on a daily basis for weeks, months or even years now could not have been foreseen or only with great difficulty (Corona, Ukraine, etc.). More than ever, companies and the people who work for them are facing a volatile future with complex challenges to which they must adapt quickly and efficiently in the face of global competition. The Staufen Academy has designed a training program that provides managers with the necessary tools to shape the ongoing change in their companies.

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brand eins 2022
March 14, 2022 News Germany

Staufen AG awarded in ten categories / Clients value the consulting firm’s industry knowledge and strategic expertise – Best Management Consultants 2022

Staufen AG has received the “Best Management Consultants 2022” award in ten categories as part of the renowned industry study by brand eins and Statista. The internationally active consulting company improved on the previous year’s result. Staufen is one of the top addresses in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace, logistics and food industries. The consultancy also made it into the top group in the consulting fields of strategy development, operations, restructuring, organization and supply chain management.

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March 3, 2022 News Germany

Eight out of ten companies trust financial investors to make a quicker turnaround than other shareholders/Staufen industry paper helps with the selection of the right investor – Private equity study

The German economy has provided a largely positive report on the private equity industry. Financial investors can assist companies as powerful partners especially in difficult situations, say 82% of companies. It is also expected that companies in crisis that have financial investors in their ownership group can succeed in making a quicker turnaround. In an industry analysis by the corporate consulting company Staufen, for which more than 200 shareholders, chairs, and managing directors of German companies were surveyed, it also becomes clear that private equity managers are frequently lacking a deep understanding of the operative day-to-day business of the companies in their portfolio.

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February 10, 2022 News Germany

Industry Paper Private Equity – Financial investments are in demand – now more than ever.

Many private equity managers are currently facing difficult tasks – also due to the impact of the corona crisis on the supply chain. Great potentials are no longer hidden in the balance sheets. Instead, the goal is to harmonize existing systems, optimize organizations, and achieve sustainability goals. This can only be achieved with a profound understanding of what happens on the factory floor.

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January 25, 2022 News Germany

Knowledge gaps in the workforce jeopardize future viability / Development of expertise in German companies is faltering – Study “Companies in Change”

The “Change Readiness Index 2022” surveyed by the management consultancy Staufen shows: German companies are making little progress in developing expertise on future issues. Not even every second company considers the current level of knowledge of its employees regarding topics such as Industry 4.0 or digitalization to be good. For the survey, Staufen AG interviewed more than 350 top executives of German companies as part of its “Companies in Transition” study.

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Future Plants
January 11, 2022 News Germany

Only one in four companies is ambitiously pursuing a green strategy – Study “Companies in Transition”

Energy and material savings are now part of everyday business in Germany. However, the path toward sustainability has so far generally taken place without a specific plan. According to the current study “Companies in Transition,” only 26 percent of companies consistently pursue an overall green strategy. For the study, business consultancy Staufen surveyed more than 350 top executives of German companies.

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