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Portrait Oliver Maierski
Oliver Maierski

Oliver Maierski holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology and is a World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Pillar Champion in Industrial Efficiency. He is a trainer at Staufen Academy. Oliver has extensive industry and consulting experience in specialist and management positions. His approach is marked by his integrated view of organizations coupled with a keen understanding of process-related interrelationships and his ability to combine process and leadership excellence.

Oliver Maierski is experienced in a wide range of industries in the SME and corporate environment, has acquired many years of consulting experience in integrated Lean Transformation and leadership excellence. He is also an experienced project manager in consulting projects on process and leadership excellence in direct and indirect areas. Besides introducing SFM and executive coaching, he is an expert in systematic problem-solving (5Why, Ishikawa, Kepner Tregoe, A3) and in the development of value stream-oriented factory structures as well as organizational structures and efficient logistics systems.

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