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Ton Verschuren
Ton Verschuren

Ton Verschuren graduated as a marine engineer (BSc) and started working as an application engineer. After having gained some working experience he saw the need to become more familiar with Quality and IT. He became responsible for the implementation of ISO 9001 and started to be trained as a computer specialist. When he graduated as computer hardware engineer (BSc), he was managing a production department. In his daily work as a manager he missed the knowledge of general principles of the behavior of individuals and groups and began to study Psychology at the university of Leiden. He graduated (MSc) in 2017 with a master thesis titled “A satisfied employee performs better! A self-fulfilling prophecy?” In the meantime Ton Verschuren has managed different departments (Quality, Production, HRM, ICT, Sales) before becoming, in 2010, the managing director of SEW-Eurodrive in The Netherlands. The combination of engineering, IT and psychology knowledge is the basis for Ton Verschuren to transform processes in lean processes, which support a company to become “Best in Class”.

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