Is your company sustainable?  

The groundwork must be laid for sustainability measures so that companies can implement them in a structured and efficient fashion. However, many companies are lacking the knowledge, appropriate personnel, and time required to survey their sustainability potential. 

Our Quick-Check offers focused, sound results and instructions for action that companies can use to prioritize and optimize sustainability measures. We conduct the Quick-Check in cooperation with Fokus Zukunft, our partner for sustainability strategies.  

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As part of the comprehensive examination, we check the following areas:  

  • Conducting of a value stream design in the core production process, including determination of emissions values in selected areas 
  • Conducting of a bottom-up analysis with a focus on supply chain and process optimization to reduce emissions in the area examined 
  • Balance sheet scope 1 & 2 for a location 
  • Screening of the relevant scope 3 categories 
  • Sensitization to the topic of sustainability 
  • Presentation of the mandatory CSRD topics 
  • Update & check of the company’s CSRD
  • Certification/actual analysis of energy consumption through location tour 
  • Checking for energy efficiency potential, especially waste heat utilization
  • Checking of the requirements for funding 

Results of the Quick-Check as basis for your sustainability strategy 

As the result of the comprehensive examination, we provide you with the following information and recommendations for action: 

Supply chain check

  • Revelation of operative potential in the selected areas, with regard to process steps and their emissions 
  • Revelation of potential and need for action to establish a more competitive supply chain with optimal COx emissions 
  • Derivation of necessary adjustments in the course of the corporate strategy  

Corporate carbon footprint check

  • Mapping of the basis for the later implementation of a CSRD or SBTi-compliant corporate footprint 
  • Revelation of the CO2 reduction path for compliance with the 1.5-degree goal for scope 1 & 2 
  • Status quo of companies on the mandatory topics 
  • Evaluation of the effects of the mandatory topics 

Energy check / Funding advice

  • Derivation of the transformation concept (contents, funding object, processes, flow, etc.)  
  • Information about the company’s possible greenhouse gas neutrality strategy 
  • Information about existing funding programs for measure implementation  
  • General information about the CO2 footprint 

Our Sustainability Quick-Check supplies focused and sound results for optimizing your sustainability. 

Your benefit: 

  • Overhaul of the status quo and need for action 
  • Transparency with regard to legal requirements and possibilities  
  • Roadmap for optimizing your sustainability 

Requirements for implementation: 

  • Consistency and accessibility of the value stream  
  • Availability of energy and emissions-related raw data 
Your Contact
Portrait des Staufen AG Mitarbeitenden Björn Falk

Dr. Björn Falk


Phone: +49 7024 8056 0


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I look forward to answering your questions and supporting you on your successful path to becoming a CO₂-neutral company.

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