Is complexity our destiny?

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December 27, 2022 | Leadership and Organizational Development, Leadership und Organisationsentwicklung

The short answer is no, because the term reflects a subjective evaluation. Everyone first decides for themselves what is beyond their horizon of knowledge. The approach of inferring general ignorance from one’s own is undiplomatic.

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Defining complexity is complicated

Fields of science, be it mathematics, physics, biology or chemistry, have been struggling for decades to present a precise definition. Regardless of these fields, other definitions of the term, such as “system complexity” are given in literature.

Using the adjective only makes sense in very few cases

The first part of the solution consists of our understanding of processes and their performance. The second part of the solution lies in personal communication. It establishes trust. Anyone who uses the word complexity has to put up with the question: “What are you actually talking about? What do you actually mean?” Don’t use the word if you mean “complicated.” What is complex for me may be simple or complicated for others and vice versa.

Complexity is not our destiny

Just because the path in search of the truth is paved with errors and disappointments, does not mean that you should give up searching.


Frank Krause



Texts are never created alone on their own. Your own thoughts are always the result of external stimulation.

The following authors inspire me and accompany me on my path to insight: Tom DeMarco, Peter Drucker, Ulrike Herrmann, Gerald Hüther, Daniel T. Jones, Stefan Kühl, Rupert Lay, Jeffrey K. Liker, Michael Löhner, Fredmund Malik, Hans A. Pestalozzi, Richard D. Precht, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Mike Rother, Friedemann Schulz von Thun, Reinhard Sprenger, Frederic Vester, Harald Welzer and James P. Womack.

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