Staufen AG among the leading German consultancies in seven sectors – Best Consultants 2018

April 13, 2018 | Global news

This year, according to the current “brand eins” study, Staufen AG is once again one of the country’s leading consulting firms. This is the first time that the renowned sector study by brand eins and Statista has counted Staufen AG as one of the top consultancies in another key sector. Customers wasted no time in awarding them the highest score for the consulting field of organization.

Staufen AG is ranked as one of Germany’s leading consulting firms in a total of seven areas. They are one of the most sought-after consulting companies in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, as well as in the automotive and supply industry, for example. But Staufen isn’t just one of the best in the key industry sectors, it also ranks up there in important areas such as operations management, acquisitions/supply chain management and restructuring.

“For the first time ever, we are also achieving top results in the consulting field of organization – an area that has undergone a profound shift in this time of change. We are extremely happy about this”, states Wilhelm Goschy, on the Staufen AG executive board. “This indicates that we are able to transform companies into learning, flexible organizations through our tried and true lean management approach, new agile methods and a strong focus on changing management culture.”

Much like many of its clients, the Stuttgart consultancy company has also undergone a transformation in the past years: from a traditional, lean management consultancy to an international consultancy with subsidiaries such as Staufen Digital Neonex, experts in digital transformation, and Staufen Quality Engineers (S.QE), specialists in quality management and data analytics.

“But most of all, we have managed to introduce companies to lean management not just as a method, but as a culture. As a culture that establishes a new understanding of leadership, exemplifies values and permits mistakes as a way to learn. A culture that allows the company to embrace what is new as a whole”, explains the Staufen executive. “Sustainable change instead of a short-term flash in the pan, that is what characterizes the philosophy underlying our consultancy.”

BestPractice Day 2018 – Europe’s leading lean management convention

The rules of the game have changed. Those who want to be at the head of the pack have to keep moving! This is the impetus behind the motto for this year’s BestPractice Day, taking place in Darmstadt from July 3 to 4, 2018: “Learn. Lead. Design the Change.” Experience presentations by top executives who will be actively and boldly designing your company’s future. With more than 350 participants annually, BestPractice Day has established itself as the meeting point for decision makers in the field of business and science.

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