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Good leadership during the Coronavirus crisis – Leadership in the time of a Crisis

April 3, 2020 | Global news, News Germany

Köngen – Business leaders are especially challenged at the moment. Crisis are times for change – crisis require conscious acting, clear decisions even if they have to be made while peering through the fog of uncertainty. It also require unambiguous communication, laying bare what is possible, at least for the moment. We, as Staufen, want to support you and lead you through the crisis.

Lead yourself:

  • Self-reflection: Observe your own thoughts, emotions and behavior. Look for a person you trust, with whom you can exchange views with, to sort yourself and to bring in clarity.
  • Set priorities: Compile necessary information and use it where it is needed. Address what is important now and make sure that it is treated in this defined order on the agenda.
  • Resilience: Take care of yourself. Make sure to pay attention to your physical and emotional limits. Be consciously aware of your emotions and count on relief when your energy is running low. This is the true sign of strength in this tough time.

Leading others:

  • Be empathetic: Listen to your colleagues, now more than ever. You are not going to know all the answers; no one expects you to. Do not embellish the situation. Focus on the strength of your colleagues as it will provide you with a mirror and a resonance room for the resilience of your employees
  • Organize teams: Plan for the future and let your employees be part of the process. Depending on the maturity level of your teams, some may need a clearly structured task and priority list, while others may need a little different layout overview. Make sure that your team keeps in touch; not only online or offline but on a professional and also a personal level. Every employee has family that is affected by this situation.
  • Allow for personal space: Now is the time to be creative and to think about or even to try out unestablished working models. No matter if in the indirect areas or on the assembly line. Virtual working concepts, shifted working hours etc. actively engage employees and encourage them in finding new solutions.

Lead the organization:

  • See further: Which cooperation make sense now? Which new products that are currently needed can you bring into production for the short term? Which internal interfaces have to built up from scratch or changed? Actively communicate and set up the necessary teams.
  • Cooperation: Being successful as a company is teamwork. Even the best team needs a partner, to unfold all possible powers. Count on cooperation and communication, enable contacts and provide the necessary time and space to turn ideas into actual products.
  • Decision-making ability: Decisions make up the future! Make sure that the decisions are made on the basis of real information and that they are met with an enlightened rationality. And be clear that the decisions are revised once you have new information. Your employees know that and your customers as well. However with clear decisions you will ensure that you stay connected to your customers.

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