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Learning Management System: New Staufen platform receives eLearning AWARD 2024

March 27, 2024 | News Germany

Staufen AG, in collaboration with the eLearning provider Fischer, Knoblauch & Co., has developed a Learning Management System (LMS) that offers an innovative feature. What is unique about the platform is that external Staufen Academy clients can access all content via an open access. The jury of the renowned eLearning Journal was also very impressed by the innovative concept and recognized the project with the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the LMS category.

The LMS was designed as the successor product of the Staufen Academy products that have been used in the past. A key factor in implementing a new system was opening up the qualification program to external customers. An especially clear user interface with low entry barriers was essential. Other key cornerstones of the project included:

  • Public presentation of the Staufen Academy’s portfolio for external clients and public access to the LMS.
  • A new structure that covers and bundles both external and internal use.
  • Flexible and appealing layout and user options for all learning content.
  • Personalized and self-determined use of learning content to suit personal needs and interests.
  • Easy and efficient operation (for users and administrators alike).

The nectar LMS from the solution provider Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. (FKS) forms the platform’s technical basis. In combination with the specific needs of the Staufen Academy, it optimally satisfies the special requirements of an LMS. The key factors were not only the product features such as intuitive operation, straightforward administration and personalization options, but also the excellent partnership with FKC.

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One of the things I would like to emphasize is that the success of the project and its accuracy was largely achieved because we as customer and service provider teamed up in partnership and with a strong understanding of our common goal.

Marianne Zaiser, Project Manager of Virtual Learning Solutions at Staufen
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Innovative features for students and speakers

With the new LMS solution, Staufen Academy is now able to offer seminars, training programs and e-learning modules for use by both third-party organizations and internal training purposes. The learning platform ensures a high degree of flexibility and offers a group structure for the targeted provision of content. Moreover, students can navigate the system more easily with categories that can be shown or hidden in the menu and a corresponding dashboard.

An intuitive and clearly structured interface improves operation on the administrator side. Learning units can be added and assigned to the relevant user groups with just a few clicks, while learning formats such as e-learning, training programs, seminars and tests with numerous question types are created in the LMS itself. Administrators are supported with features such as space and resource bookings in addition to the system’s ease of use and creation of learning materials. Automated message workflows and use of artificial intelligence, with the ability to create seminar descriptions, summaries and quizzes, among other things, provide additional support.

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Seamless integration of multimedia content

Another highlight of the LMS is that it provides external access and booking functions which enable organizations to access the Staufen Academy’s portfolio of training opportunities. Another innovative feature is the seamless integration of multimedia content that enrich the learning experience and motivate attendees to contribute actively to the learning process.

Currently, the following learning formats are in use:

  • Blended learning (integrated learning combining all formats, e.g. classroom-based events and e-learning).
  • Classroom learning
  • Web-based training (working with web-based learning software)
  • Learning nuggets (small “learning morsels”, absorbed flexibly and in small portions)
  • Webinars
  • Descriptive videos
  • Tests

The Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) interface improves the versatility and user-friendliness of the platform. This interface enables the seamless integration of external learning content. This grants users and staff members access to a larger selection of resources, while the learning experience is improved on the whole. Using the LTI interface, content from the Staufen LMS can also be mirrored in third-party systems, or Staufen can import content from an external LMS into its own platform. The bidirectional capability widens access to resources and underscores Staufen Academy’s commitment to ensuring continuous learning and development.

Independent seal of approval for the Staufen platform

Thanks to the close collaboration with the solution provider Fischer, Knoblauch & Co., the system can be readjusted at all times and adopted to its users individual needs. The benefits and successful implementation of the new learning and teaching platform have also been acknowledged by an external body: With the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the LMS category, the project has now received an independent seal of approval.

You can find more information about the project at Article in the eLearning Journal.


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