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November 3, 2021 | News Germany

With this free 20-minute online self-test from Staufen AG, companies can classify their “change readiness” based on facts and also receive initial recommendations for action.

Corona has shown how quickly companies can respond to change. But does this also work regardless of crises? Today, organizations must always have an answer to constantly changing market and environmental conditions. After all, this is the only way companies can offer their customers the right products and services, ultimately ensuring their own survival. Business consultancy Staufen has therefore developed the “Self-Check Change Readiness”, a tool that organizations can use free of charge to assess their ability to change and adapt.

Tool for top decision makers

The Self-Check is aimed at the management and top management in organizations. Many of them are convinced that their own organization is capable of change – but this is often just a gut feeling. The self-check provides facts that help decision-makers recognize their own structures and processes more clearly.

The tool is based on the “Change Readiness Index” (CRI) of Staufen AG, an empirical instrument for assessing the ability to change. Nine basic elements (dimensions) of an organization are considered, the characteristics of which indicate how well it can adapt to the dynamic environment. These include: organizational awareness, organizational learning, leadership, orientation, decision process design, cooperation, processes, employees, and values and norms.

The test is simple

Participants complete the questionnaire online. First, they assess the status quo of various dimensions in their organization. They then answer five questions about each dimension. After completing the test, they immediately receive an evaluation, including a web diagram that summarizes the strengths and challenges.

What do the results show?

The test is only helpful if the participant answers accurately, honestly and objectively. The results are to be understood as recommendations for action, not as recipes for rapid change. Accordingly, the Self-Check does not replace a comprehensive organizational analysis, but should help to identify the right levers.

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