Strategy white paper: A plan even for times when planning is unpredictable

November 8, 2022 | Global news, News Germany

Supply chains under severe strain and exploding energy costs are putting many entrepreneurial plans to the test. Nonetheless, professional strategy development and implementation are more critical than ever. You can only chart the right course in stormy times if you have defined clear goals, carefully analyzed options, and consistently involved your employees. The new Staufen white paper “Strategy Excellence” reveals how to achieve this and which mistakes you need to avoid.

“As the world changes, management is called upon to provide orientation,” says Uwe Vogel, a partner at Staufen AG. Consequently, owners and managers who over the years have been strategically dealing with political and social changes, along with ever-shorter technology cycles, are clearly at an advantage at the moment. “Irrespective of current crises, products and services usually decrease in value for customers after a few years,” says Vogel. “A good vision and mission express the basic philosophy of management while ensuring success in the long term.”

However, a company’s unique selling proposition can only evolve if the strategy behind it remains free of short-lived trends: “This requires both consistency and, often, staying power,” says the strategy expert. In truth, he adds, many companies have a hard time implementing the strategy they define. “Top management often does not have the necessary energy to implement, employees are insufficiently involved, and any incorrect assumptions are just recognized too late as such,” says Staufen consultant Vogel, listing the key causes.

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From vision to implementation

The Staufen AG strategy approach is structured in two phases and has been designed to help companies implement excellent strategy development and unfolding processes: The first phase describes which procedures should be used to realize the company’s image of the future. Uwe Vogel: “Only if you have a clearly defined and powerful image of the future, you can map out the way to get there.” The second phase covers the unfolding of the strategy, i.e., managing deviations, learning from experience, and readjusting as necessary.

The Strategy Excellence – From Vision To Execution white paper details the core elements of the Staufen approach, which are:

  • formulating breakthrough goals by top management,
  • providing valid analyses for a sustainable alignment of the company,
  • selecting suitable projects as drivers to achieve the defined objectives, and
  • introducing leading indicators in order to measure whether the objectives are being achieved.

“It’s about the future of the company”

The ERNST Umformtechnik example shows how a long-term improvement in the company’s competitive position was achieved with the help of a professional strategy process. The precision components specialist with its main customers in the automotive industry had this process in mind when it brought the consultants from Staufen AG on board. “I can only strongly recommend that every medium-sized company be supported in its strategy process,” emphasizes Matthias Ernst, the company’s CEO. “When it comes to the company’s future, you can’t do anything half-heartedly. You need to take the time to discuss issues and ask uncomfortable question.”

Read more about the strategy process at ERNST Umformtechnik in the new Staufen Magazine.

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