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A better use of potentials in industrial service – Study

November 3, 2016 | News Germany

The traditional service features dominate in nearly every industrial service corporation, above all, the spare parts delivery and the classical maintenance on site. Nearly 60 per cent of the study participants have two thirds of reactive service activities. The overwhelming majority of the German industrial companies are still working according to the motto: Only act if there is a problem. A proactive strategy, which continuously and preventively tracks down the customer’s workflow are only using 11 per cent of the companies. 39 per cent are using data based diagnostic system, but are still far away from a predictive maintenance. „The service segment – although highly lucrative – was a long time in the shadows, it should start to emerge”, explains professor Hansjörg Fromm, from the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI) at the Karlsruhe Technology Institute (KIT), the situation of de German industry. “Companies must realise, that not only the product innovation but also the service innovations will determine their future, and that the service segment can benefit from the digitalization, same as development, distribu-tion or production”. So far the course is not set for such a development, not even the basics. In many German companies, a standardized analysis of the own service feature portfolio is neglected. New technologies, markets or even customer expectations are not on the test bench using a defined procedure. “The study shows: overall there is an enormous unused potential in the service segment” says Jan Sibold, Sector manager plant construction and mechanical engineering at consulting company (Principal) Staufen. “A successful change from a product to a solution provider with a product support service is going to be more than ever a decision-maker in the success of a company.”

Mechanical Engineering Congress in Salach (near Stuttgart) on 30 November 2016  Conditions within the global economy are shifting their focus: mechanical engineering companies from Asia take over even greater shares of the market and buy into their western competitors. Cus-tomers are looking for specific solutions; the demand for standard machines are dropping. On the other hand, service and other additional offers, with respect to the actual product, are becoming even more important. Rapidly progressing digitalization offers many opportunities – but undeniably also risks. At the Mechanical Engineering congress, organized by the Staufen AG in cooperation with the EMAG group and the VDMA Baden-Wuerttemberg, entrepreneurs and senior management will report on their experiences and successes, but also on their lessons learned.  All information about the event can be found at: www.maschinenbaukongress.de  Press release (.pdf) Press release (.rtf) Download the press graphic (in German)

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