Almost every third company in Germany is already on the path to Working World 4.0 – Study

June 21, 2017 | News Germany

“The results of our study confirm the picture that is painted daily by our workshop and training participants. That is to say, many companies are already making a logical connection between Industry 4.0 and Working World 4.0,” according to Markus Franz, Director for the Staufen Consultancy Academy. “However, for this interaction to be successful, we need managers who have received relevant training. Because the so-called “new work” can only be carried out successfully if managers are in a position to prepare their employees for this flexible working world.”As the Staufen study shows, it’s currently not just a lack of leadership qualities that might stand in the way of Working World 4.0, there are also structural problems. “In some organizations, there is still very much a silo mentality”, continues Academy director Franz. This basic mentality makes it difficult to develop a working world of the future in which changing work locations, changing teams and changing managers are more the rule than the exception.”The fact that many organizations have not yet set a formal foundation for the working world of the future is likely also based on legal issues. For example, a few days ago, the German government was unable to agree on a legal framework that would make it easier for companies to develop concepts for a digital working world. “As welcome as a breakthrough would have been, companies should not let themselves be intimidated by this”, states Staufen Manager Franz. “Because even now, companies can increase their flexibility and ability to transform by encouraging their employees to be accountable and by training their managers to become catalysts for a learning organization.” About the “Success in Change” study For the “Change Readiness Index 2017”, Staufen Consultancy surveyed a total of 658 companies in Germany on the topic of “Success in Change” in the spring of 2017. More than 60 percent of the companies surveyed are in the mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and automobile industries. The study will be presented in its entirety in early July at the “BestPractice Day 2017”. You can request a copy of the study ”Success in Transformation“ by contacting: Kathrin Kurz,  BestPractice Day 2017: Europe’s leading Lean Management Congress The key focus of this year’s BestPractice Day, which will be taking place in Darmstadt from July 4 to 5, 2017, is change and how to successfully face change. Experience presentations by top executives who are actively and deliberately shaping the future of their businesses. With more than 350 participants annually, BestPractice Day has earned the distinction of being the place for decision-makers in the fields of industry and science to meet. More Information about the event:      Press release (.pdf) Press release (.rtf) Download the press graphics (in German)

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