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Study: The industry is expecting a significant boost in productivity with AI and the like / Digitalization enables rational, data-supported decision-making

May 14, 2024

Köngen, Mai 14, 2024 – According to the latest “Performance Drivers 2024” study, eight out of ten industrial companies expect that integrating new technologies such as artificial intelligence will ensure a boost in productivity in their organizations. Huge potential is seen in data analysis in particular, which they feel can help them quickly identify shortcomings and achieve improvements in performance. For the study, the Staufen management consultant firm surveyed more than 200 industrial organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

After many years of experimenting and investing, the time has now come for a boom in productivity. The promise of greater efficiency and cost benefits in industry can now be fully realized through digitalization,” says Dr. Michael Feldmeth, Head of the Digital & Industry 4.0 Practice Unit at Staufen. The new digital analysis capabilities now enable deep insights into the processes – including the ability to regulate them in real time. “This establishes the foundation for large-scale and continuously adaptable optimization measures that can be used as drivers for operational excellence within the organization,” says the industry expert.

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Staufen study shows enormous potential of Industry 4.0

With the use of these new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 73 percent of the companies surveyed within the Germany-speaking region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland see “an enormous economic potential for our industry”. As many as 81 percent of the companies even expect a significant boost in productivity for their own organization. According to the Staufen consultant Feldmeth, the industry is currently going through an upheaval: “84 percent of respondents expect a fast-paced change in the industrial working environment as a result of these technological developments. This close interaction between the employee and intelligent systems will soon dominate day-to-day work.”

Data analysis to achieve improved results has plenty of potential

Networked machines and automatically controlled supply chains lead to a growing jungle of data within organizations. However, more and more, this data is being used productively. A full 83 percent of companies anticipate that data analysis can be used to quickly identify weaknesses and improve results. However, 86 percent do admit: “We can make much better use of the potential of data analysis to improve our results

Despite this, he still sees potential for improvement in the changes achieved thus far: “Decision-making processes have only become faster in 39 percent of organizations and only 18 percent have reduced hierarchies. For organizations to unleash the full potential of digitalization, they must also embrace a new way of working together to consistently align their processes with value creation and operational excellence. The objective is to ensure a harmonious and a perfectly coordinated overall system.“

Digitalization projects do not occur in a vacuum, but instead are generally accompanied by process improvements. The success of this approach: as a result of increased digitalization efforts, two thirds of respondents are already making their decisions on the basis of data and less as a gut response. At the same time, six out of ten organizations have established that access to data has significantly improved.

Dr. Michael Feldmeth
Digital & Industry 4.0, Staufen AG

About the “Performance Drivers 2024” study

For the “Performance Drivers 2024” study, Staufen AG surveyed more than 209 industrial organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland early this year. You can request a copy of the complete study results here.

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