When it comes to adaptability, the German economy is a two-tier society – Study

July 4, 2017 | News Germany

“Of the companies studied, one portion is therefore still lacking in adaptability, whereas the other is already in the position of being able to easily adapt to changes and new challenges, quickly and successfully”, explains Wilhelm Goschy, Staufen AG COO. For the Change Readiness Index, each company was surveyed in the key areas of structures, processes, leadership culture and employee qualifications.  “As proven by our study, an above-average number of the companies that are already able to deal with transformation align their value creation processes along lean management principles,” continues Staufen executive Goschy. “If Lean Management is also being implemented in the indirect areas, or if the entire strategy follows lean philosophy, companies also benefit significantly when it comes to agility and flexibility.” In numbers: a company’s Change Readiness Index jumps more than 6 points with every increase of the lean maturity level. Daniel T. Jones, one of the authors of “the Machine That Changed the World”, and founder of the Lean Enterprise Academy, describes the good results of lean companies as follows: “Whereas traditional management approaches use standardization to control their employees, lean management shows employees how to take responsibility for achieving improvement. And when people are the driving force behind optimizing their own work, they are not only able to resolve today’s problems, they are also more able to face tomorrow’s problems.” About the “Success in Transformation” study For the “Change Readiness Index 2017”, Staufen Consultancy surveyed a total of 658 companies in Germany on the topic of “Success in Transformation” in the spring of 2017. More than 60 percent of the companies surveyed are in the mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and automobile industries. The study will be presented in its entirety in early July at the “BestPractice Day 2017”. You can request a copy of the study ”Success in Transformation“ by contacting: Kathrin Kurz, k.kurz@staufen.ag   Press release (.pdf) Press release (.rtf) Download the press graphics (in German)

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