German industries are expecting radical change within just a few years – “Success in Transformation” study

May 30, 2017 | News Germany

“The study illustrates the time pressure companies are currently under to prepare for this pending change”, says Wilhelm Goschy, Staufen’s COO. “Almost every second company surveyed admitted to a sense of apprehension in the face of technological advances, the increasing individualization of products and services, as well as the demographic shift.” Despite this sense of unease, most of the companies are very open-minded when it comes to considering the massive change. “This result coincides with the impressions we have gained through our daily conversations in companies and factories, where they are actively tackling the new challenges,” according to Staufen executive Goschy. “However, a second glance confirms that while a basic attitude of positivity may be important, it is far from being indicative of their actual ability to deal with change.” Staufen AG’s „Change Readiness Index” looks at four areas – structures, processes, management & corporate culture and employees/qualifications – and identifies how large the current gap is between perceived and actual transformation capability in German companies. Staufen COO Goschy is concerned: “At the management level, there is quite a divergence between the gut feeling managers have and clean, hard facts”, he states. “And yet if management doesn’t gain this new understanding, it will be extremely difficult to make the ability to deal with transformation an integral part of an organization’s DNA.” About the “Success in Transformation” study For the “Change Readiness Index 2017”, Staufen Consultancy surveyed a total of 658 companies in Germany on the topic of “Success in Transformation” in the spring of 2017. More than 60 percent of the companies surveyed are in the mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and automobile industries. The study will be presented in its entirety in early July at the “BestPractice Day 2017”. You can request a copy of the study ”Success in Transformation“ by contacting: Kathrin Kurz,  BestPractice Day 2017: Europe’s leading Lean Management Congress The key focus of this year’s BestPractice Day, which will be taking place in Darmstadt from July 4 to 5, 2017, is change and how to successfully face change. Experience presentations by top executives who are actively and deliberately shaping the future of their businesses. With more than 350 participants annually, BestPractice Day has earned the distinction of being the place for decision-makers in the fields of industry and science to meet. More Information about the event:      Press release (.pdf) Press release (.rtf)

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