The Success Formula for Operational Excellence

March 20, 2024 | Operational Excellence

“Every day things get a little bit better” may sound mundane at first. And yet, this fundamental attitude forms the basis for an organization’s sustainable success. Staufen AG has developed a multi-award-winning approach to establishing such a performance-enhancing culture of improvement within organizations while achieving significant improvements along the entire value chain.

In view of the increasing competitive challenges, operational excellence is consistently growing in significance. The results of our latest study ‘Performance Drivers 2024‘ underlines this as well. 83 percent of the organizations within the German-speaking region report that they have rarely had to face such a wide range of challenges.

Operational Excellence is not the sum total of each of the many single measures

An Operational Excellence strategy is the product of process improvement, employee empowerment and managing an organization’s financial performance. This interplay is what ultimately leads to what we at Staufen understand as Operational Excellence.

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With this in mind, building a resilient, customer-oriented and sustainable organization that is successful and profitable in a constantly changing world is based on three pillars:

Process improvement:

We analyze and optimize all core and support processes along the entire value and supply chain in an end-to-end approach. Here, we also use digital applications and analysis methods.

Employee empowerment:

A tailored organizational development program will motivate employees while effectively empowering and qualifying specialists and managers. At the same time, the corporate culture is aligned towards continuous improvement.

Managing financial performance:

Analyzing business indicators and processes enables us to prioritize improvement programs and evaluate the success and effectiveness of the measures. This is done while accounting for the current corporate situation.

New technologies support the transformation

Operational Excellence is a multidimensional approach that achieves significant improvements in results along the entire value chain. With a coordinated interplay of the different corporate areas and process partners while integrating innovative solutions and digital analysis tools, measurable results are achieved quickly.

Martin Becker, Partner, STAUFEN.AG

Erfolgsformel für Operational Excellence

We achieve a sustainable increase in performance by optimizing value streams and making the best possible use of existing resources. Operational Excellence allows companies to achieve:

  1. Competitive advantages: Lean processes, efficient use of resources while ensuring consistently high quality offer certainty and leeway for continuous growth, even in complex business environments. By implementing targeted optimization measures, organizations are able to strengthen their innovative power and respond to new market situations faster than the competition.
  2. Cost savings: Organizations operate more efficiently and can focus their investments better, given that unnecessary expenses are avoided. By minimizing the use of resources, operating costs are lowered significantly. On top of this, consistency in the way we work allows for easy planning, which promotes a daily practice of continuous improvement.
  3. Higher customer satisfaction: Increasing efficiency and optimizing processes enhance quality and ensure that products or services are delivered on time and meet expectations. Within the organizations themselves, leeway is created for innovation, because resources are used more efficiently. This results in new products and business models that are well received by customers.
  4. Employee loyalty: Focusing on Operational Excellence helps to attract and retain top talent. Employees not only expect to be paid well, but also a good work climate where they are appreciated and can contribute their knowledge and motivation. Good and Lean processes also provide enough space in which creative solutions and improvements can be developed. Organizations that prescribe to consistently improving themselves offer precisely this environment. This increases work satisfaction and the image of the organization.

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