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Supply Chain Network Management

The network of parties involved in the value creation process is becoming increasingly complex – especially due to the globalization of sales markets, production sites and procurement markets. Those who best master this complex value network and professionally manage the “customer-to-customer process,” i.e., make the goods available efficiently at the right time and in the right place, have a significant competitive edge.

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Success Story

 The future of supply chains

Ole Trumpfheller from DB Schenker is convinced: customers and service-providers must adopt a collaborative approach to guarantee a secure and scheduled movement of goods in the future.

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5 key challenges of an insufficiently digital supply chain 

Many companies strive for greater digitization in supply chain management to make logistics and delivery processes more efficient and robust. However, collecting large amounts of data is not enough anymore. The data and processes are too complex. “Smart applications” are therefore needed to reliably forecast sales and demand, optimize procurement processes and inventories, and reliably plan production. 

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Supply chain transparency: making supply chains resilient and compliant

Current crises are putting ongoing pressure on global supply chains. In this context, mastering the complexity of one’s own value creation network has become not only a decisive competitive factor but also a survival factor for industrial companies. 

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