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Performance Driver 2024″ Study: The industry sees process optimization as the largest lever for improvements / Still plenty of potential in production and sales 

April 22, 2024 | News Germany

Köngen, April 16, 2024 – The latest “Performance Drivers 2024″ study shows that a more efficient process design is currently at the top of the industry’s agenda. This is where a good three quarters of organizations see the greatest levers of improvement in their performance. Accordingly, there is still plenty of potential to improve performance, particularly in the areas of production and sales. For the study, the Staufen management consultant firm surveyed more than 200 industrial organizations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

“The current climate marked by political uncertainty, tense supply chains and high energy prices is compelling companies to systematically focus their production processes on performance and curb potential cost drivers,” says Martin Becker, Partner at Staufen AG. To this end, the industry expert recommends an integrated operational excellence strategy to harmonize isolated measures into an optimized interplay alongside classic Lean methods: “Now more than ever, the goal is to avoid waste and create a lean organization. It creates the leeway needed to drive forward strategic investments despite the high cost pressure.” 

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What measures do you see for process performance improvement?

The results of the Staufen study show that organizations currently view process optimization as the greatest lever for performance improvement. In response to the question of what would improve their performance across departments, some 77 percent of respondents answered “more efficiency in processes”. “Employee development” (57%) and ” increased digitalization” (49%) were also high priorities.

What would improve your performance across departments?

In terms of implementation, another clear picture is emerging. 72 percent of those who see the benefits of greater process efficiency support measures aimed at digitalizing processes, 59 percent prefer leaner processes and 52 percent would like to see targeted adaptation to future challenges.

Operational Excellence ensures a performance-boost 

“So, organizations have understood the significance of digitalization and process optimization. The figures reveal that there is still a lack of targeted implementation,” says operational excellence expert Becker. So far, only one in four of the study participants is taking a structured approach to improving its performance. However, organizations do recognize where their efforts will need to start. In fact, some 55 percent of respondents see the greatest potential for improvement in the areas of production and sales, followed by procurement (37 percent). 

To ensure a successful long-term transformation, Staufen consultant Becker focuses on operational excellence with the objective of achieving integrated optimization of the organization by continuously improving each individual area: “The key is the interplay of specialist expertise and the use of digital analysis tools so as to identify the most effective levers. This means that organizations avoid getting bogged down in the minor details and instead achieve the greatest possible performance boost with the minimum of effort – which in turn positively effects the profit and loss account within a very short amount of time.” 

BestPractice Day 2024: Operational Excellence – Next Level

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