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Study: Only half of industrial companies are proceeding strategically with digitalization/previous digital business models at many companies are still a dead loss 

A dual-class digital society has established itself in industry: according to the current study “Future Industry 2023,” 49% of the companies surveyed are proceeding actively with digitalization. The rest are currently still stuck in individual projects or have yet to find true access to this topic. For the study, the consulting company Staufen surveyed more than 400 industrial companies from German-speaking Europe.

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global footprint network worldwide map

Global Footprint

Rarely is a company’s global footprint optimally aligned with its strategy and focus. It is usually the result of historical, short-term opportunities. However, the dynamics of competitors, customers, suppliers, the market, and politics put value networks under enormous pressure and require long-term alignment and continuous adaptation. A comprehensive view of the network structure and framework conditions is required to ensure that strategic decisions can be made quickly and with direction. 

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Studie Zukunft Industrie

Study: Future Industry

How the industry is positioning itself for the future! Our new study on the topics of digitalization, efficiency, sustainability and resilience.

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Management Dialog: Experts discuss the future of supply chain networks

Never stop making your supply chains more resilient! That was the urgent appeal on March 22 at the Staufen AG Management Dialog.

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Staufen Akademie Ausbildungen Lean Management

Qualification Programs

In our training programs, we focus our full attention on sustainable empowerment of your managers and employees.

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T+H’s new management system: Strategic approach instead of fighting fires

Over the years, management at T+H were able to turn a blind eye to processes that were not really efficient or to weaknesses in a business unit. CEO Tobias Truckenmüller explains in an interview how the pandemic ruthlessly exposed all of the deficits. With executive training and a strategy process, the company is now taking successful countermeasures. 

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Supply Chain Network Management: Risk is the New Normal

Internationally positioned companies need to get a grip on the risks in their value network. This is the only way they will remain competitive in the future. Used correctly, modern risk management can become the new success factor. 

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Brand eins ‘Best Consultants’ Award 2023

Staufen wins the brand eins Best Consultants Award for the tenth time in a row. This year we are awarded in twelve categories. In recent years, Staufen has been one of the absolute pioneers in Operations Management. In 2023 we managed to advance to the top of the league in Digitization & Digital Transformation.

Our customer projects – success made to measure

Frech Factory
Success Story

“Our goal is not to spend a cent more on electricity in the future.”

As a supplier of die casting technologies, Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG operates in an energy-intensive environment. Thanks to efficiency improvements and sustainable planning, the hidden champion was able to drastically reduce its energy consumption. Managing Director Dr. Tim Nikolaou explains in an interview how the transformation succeeded and what role lean management plays in the green transformation.

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Success Story

 The future of supply chains

Ole Trumpfheller from DB Schenker is convinced: customers and service-providers must adopt a collaborative approach to guarantee a secure and scheduled movement of goods in the future.

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Success Story

Strategy development at ERNST Umformtechnik

The transformation of the automotive industry is also impacting producers such as ERNST Umformtechnik GmbH. Managing Directors Matthias Ernst and Herbert Gieringer explain why they turned to Staufen AG for support in further developing the company’s strategy. 

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Success Story

KME Special Products GmbH & Co. KG

A combination of digital and proven analog lean analysis was used to develop a new factory layout at copper manufacturer KME.

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Study Digitalization Supply Chain Sustainability Resilient Staufen AG

New Study 2023: Future of Industry

The four dimensions of competetiveness

Becoming digital, efficient, sustainable, and resilient all at once is a major challenge for many companies today.

However, the Staufen “Future Industry” study shows that boards and management teams in industry have clearly set their strategic compass. The foundation for a sustainable, change-ready and resilient business is and will remain operational and digital excellence. When set up in this way, a multi-faceted challenge for a company can become a multi-faceted opportunity.


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